If you’ve never been to one, then you really should. They are truly awesome. If you feel alone, isolated, or powerless as a non-believer in this seemingly Christian nation, going […]

Pope Benedict has announced that he will be stepping down as pope at the end of the month. n the announcement read to cardinals in Latin, the German-born pope, 85, […]

At least someone on the far right is finally admitting to being afraid of science and technology. And for the record, I still think Beck probably needs medicated.

It’s time for me to actually sit down and watch one athletic event. Back when I even bothered trying to like sports, so as is my custom, I have invited […]

I’ve seen some satirical argumentation about whether hell, excuse me, Hell is exothermic or endothermic. In other words is it hot or cold. The answer I’ve found is that it’s […]

The latest from Jesus and Mo

One of my professors in the seminary used this argument in the “Issues and Origins” class. This was after the class had already convinced me of the truth of evolution, […]