February 2012

Check out this interview of Eric on Religious Antagonist that covers some of the wacky Mormon doctrines and Eric’s experience leaving the church just a year ago. Disclaimer – There […]

If your the type that just types in the address or clicks on a bookmark when you want to visit the blog and you want a way to find out […]

As if the Reason Rally wasn’t awesome enough already with an awesome line up of speakers, both Tim Minchin and Bad Religion performing, and a godless horde taking to the […]

I hear it’s Lent, so while the Catholic faithful are giving up something for their lord and savior, what can we, the godless hoard give up? Moderation – All things […]

For those of you who aren’t aware, Idaho is a one party state. Sure, there are a handful of Democrats in the state legislature and it wasn’t that long ago […]