December 2012

I forgot to post this in the last few weeks, but it’s just not a proper godless Christmas without Tim Minchin.

Join the 117,000 who have already been counted in the Atheist Census. The more people who partake the statistically valid the results will be, so take part and tell your […]

The song “Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town” puts it well with: He sees you when you’re sleeping He knows when you’re awake He knows if you’ve been bad or […]

Last night Senator Mike Crappo (R-ID) was arrested for driving under the influence when he ran a red light, failed several field sobriety tests, and blew a .11%. It would […]

Why o why are guns still legal!!!! They have one purpose to kill. Anyone who is still supporting the right to bear arms and kill children needs to see a shrink.

I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing about this by now, but the issue of gun related violence and the terror caused by mass (or at least public) shootings is […]

Considering the fact that yet another doomsday prediction has come and gone without any fulfillment, I’m going to make two predictions for next year (2013) that I am quite confident […]

It’s December 21, 2012, the are no asteroids, meteorites, massive earthquakes, tsunamis, or any shocking news, it looks like the world is not ending today. Heck, the news is actually […]