Vaping in Utah (and the BOI airport)

Going through security with my e-cig in Boise got me nothing more than a question of what it was from the TSA (granted the Wraith dosen’t look like the more common cigarette styled e-cigs). The SLC TSA asked if it was medical, I then explained to the agent what it was. She told me her girlfriend was trying to switch to these then she checked it for explosives since it currently has the 6 mL Smoketec tank on it which contains about 4 mL of visible liquid in it.

Nobody at the work meeting cared, but a few were curious about what it was, the same goes for the bartender. One collegue, a smoker, has been thinking about switching but after talking to me says he’s going to. On the plane and other than security or the bar nobody at the airport has even said a word about it.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I haven’t traveled by plane since switching, so good to have someone’s experience (though I am sure it varies by agent and airport)

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