Maybe I’ve been looking at this all wrong. Could it be that the metaphor we should be looking at this as is more like a town than our papers? If […]

I can search for something on Duck Duck Go running on Firefox on my Galaxy S7 and see YouTube recommendations based on that. This has happened twice. Yes, I checked […]

As I’ve already written about, I don’t trust the big tech companies and I’m not comfortable with being the product. Unfortunately the solution is to spend money and like many […]

Developing, maintaining, and supporting online services costs money. If you look at how much paid email mailboxes cost, they seem to average around $5 per user per month. Online office […]

Life on the internet in 2018 is a game of weighing competing values against each other and finding compromises that you can sleep with at night. At least that’s what […]

The concept that I finally latched on to restructure my online life in a meaningful way was sandboxes. This is a software concept for protecting data by isolating processes. An […]

I’ve had a growing sense of unease about how I’ve handled my online life over the last several months and to a lesser extent the last year or two. In […]