Utah Liquor Laws Explained

In case you think these are all the ridiculous Utah liquor laws, there are more. The sale of alcohol on Sundays and election days is illegal. It’s also illegal for them to serve shots and mixed drinks over 1 oz or to serve you a shot and a beer chaser. One error they made is that Utah’s alcohol limit is actually 4% when it comes to beer, however it’s only Utah based microbrews that bother with that and out of state breweries send them their 3.2% beer since that’s the limit in states like Texas and Oklahoma. So if you want a drink in Utah I recommend getting the Polygamy Porter or Evolution Amber since they’re local and have 4% alcohol.

In case you’re wondering why I know all of this, it’s because on the few occasions I’ve been on business trips to that backwards state I would ask my bartender about all those crazy rules or see signs in the store about some of them.

(Thanks to ~pickles for the link)